Cute and colourful eggs, that when shaken gives you salt rather than mashed up egg whites and yolk. Phew. Designed by DeFraile.

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Putting eggs in individual cups. Good idea or complete and utter waste of resources?


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That’s one up for the design magazine!

Newsstand copies of the November issue of CR come in a revolutionary new bag that simply dissolves in hot water. No waste. No landfill.

Anyone buying their copy of CR on the newsstand this month will find that the issue comes in a transparent bag bearing the words ‘This bag dissolves in water’. And it does.

A new packaging material called harmless-dissolve which was created in the UK by Cyberpac.




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(Normal) mummies are quite a common sight, but equally well-preserved are animals like crocodiles, hawks, dogs and cats. See an intriguing collection of images at the National Geographic Gallery.

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at PM 10.06.30Screen shot 2009-10-27 at PM 10.05.30

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Bouquets of hemp plants wrapped like a joint were sent out to press and media to promote the premiere of the tv series. Seriously good shit.

Screen shot 2009-10-12 at PM 01.52.04

Screen shot 2009-10-12 at PM 01.52.14

Screen shot 2009-10-12 at PM 01.59.00

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Oh shit!

Oh Shit Kits is a all round helper which can help you out if you suffered cuts in your office to needing a toothbrush if you forget one to even flares when you get lost in the jungle. Well, shit happens.




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I simply love the way these Italian products are packaged. I wonder if they would work for pre-packed local foods like chicken rice with portraits of our own home grown “Ah-peks”.

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I sure would like to use this Rock ‘n’ Roll Motherkutter Mr Ducktail with kutting edge tattoo inspired graphics by Vince Ray.


Via 30gms.

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Made me smile. Brooklyn Fare via LovelyPackage.


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I have to get me a couple of these! Who says popcorn cannot be stylish?



Via Playmedesign.

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By collecting old bottles, cleaning them and filling them up to the brim with brand name-bought in barrels-cleaning solutions and detergents, Amron Experimental manages to breathe new life into waste. Just the kind of thinking we are sorely in need of. Via Josh Spear.


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Just what I always wanted…a naked man swimming in my tea…if you would like your own little person in yours, WDARU has designed a whole range of little people tea bags to suit your personality. They come in lovely packaging too! More Maum tea bags here.


Via Toxel.com

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Cool vodka packaging by Arnel.


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