The latest in Jimmyjane’s line of designer pleasure devices is the FORM 2, a Yves Behar (of the Leaf Lamp fame) collaboration that aims to deliver both sensory and visual pleasure all in a tiny device that purportedly lasts for 7 hours on a single charge. Now THAT’S stamina!


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These beautiful lighting pieces are designed by Shanghai designer Zhili Liu. They are made out of bone china, which makes everything all the more delicate and beautiful. Squint your eyes and I swear I saw wings flapping.. via Dezeen


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I love the idea of a “wall-hanging” clock! By Stanley Ruiz


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In Philadelphia when it gets cold, they light a fire in a fancy, laser-cut metal barrel. Woa.


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Plants have been filtering our air for as long as there is air, so it makes simple sense when Andrea uses plants to filter our air, abeit in small beautiful pods. via Inhabitots.

andrea air filter, david edward, eco baby, green baby, HEPA Filter, indoor air filter, mathieu lehanneur, plant air filters, plants as air filters, plants clean indoor air-1andrea air filter, david edward, eco baby, green baby, HEPA Filter, indoor air filter, mathieu lehanneur, plant air filters, plants as air filters, plants clean indoor air

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Taking inspiration from a 1787 bol seine (or bosom bowl) by artist Jean-Jacques Lagrenée, Karl Lagerfeld new and updated version for Dom Perignon updates the aesthetics but maintains the playfulness.


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What a beautiful lamp by Daniel Becker.


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Too good to eat. Lagrange34 by jjuice.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

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How simple and straight forward is this clock! Yet how beautiful and desirable! Buy it here.

Wall Clock-1

Wall Clock

Wall Clock-2

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Made from Japanese washi paper! So happy!




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Created by Dutch designer Lex Pott. Gorgeous.

As Belgian bluestone is found deep under the ground, natural rugged forms are typically created during its extraction. Industry then processes this into rectangular blocks or sheet material. Lex Pott designed a table that combines industry and nature. It can clearly be seen in the contours how the natural rock formations are combined with industrial geometry.









Via Contemporist.

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800 reason not to get a EUR800 mouse. Yes. Even if its titanium.


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Yup. Urban, grunge, goldplated staples you can wear with the help of an ordinary stapler. By Studio oooms.



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The Cord-Chair by Japanese designers Nendo brings to mind the words ‘spindley’, ‘delicate’ and ‘fragile’. Yet covered with hollowed out pieces of flawless wood, this thing of delicate beauty hides a core of metal strength.





Via Dezeen.

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Delicious sounding AND delicious looking. A collaboration between two of my favourite brands bears fruit! See more at bagaholicboy.


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Simple and quirky melting glass bottles from polish deisgner Agnieszka Bar.dzn_Melt-by-Agnieszka-Bar-2

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How beautiful are there tea towels? Perfect for any design firm with a pantry! Like ours! Grab ‘em from Studiopatró.


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Answer after the jump.


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Totally cute and delectable! Buy them here!


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The inventors of the bagless vacuum cleaners decided now that we need bladeless fans! Looking more like a gigantic magnifying glass rather than a fan, it is supposedly “uses Air Multiplier™ technology to generate smooth, uninterrupted airflow with no unpleasant buffeting”. And yes, its 300 bigones. See more at dyson

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at PM 03.48.46Screen shot 2009-10-13 at PM 03.48.56

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