Part of a series of objected designed to give extra sensory feedback, by Simon Kinneir.

jug3-s-w jug1-s-w pouringjug-w jug4-s-w

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Photographer Gregg Segal documented various people lying in seven days worth of their garbage, putting into perspective the amount of waste we generate, knowingly and unknowingly. I think we all need to do this project to take stock of the impact we each assert on the world around us.

7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-2 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-11 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-6 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-3 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-9 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-12 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-1 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-8 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-4 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-7 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-10

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Repper Patterns laser engraved patterns on a bunch of cookies and bananas, because they can.

repper_cookies_whiter repper_lasercut_banana_medium

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For the person who wants a perfect object for every single ritual. by Joe Doucet Studio.

doucet-fetish-ashtray-3 doucet-fetish-ashtray-5 doucet-fetish-ashtray-2 doucet-fetish-ashtray-4 doucet-fetish-ashtray-1

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I love the way the wire knots the lamps together in this series by Lukas Peet.

74_lukas-peet-design--roll--hill--rudidouble3 74_lukas-peet-design--roll--hill---rudilarge2 74_lukas-peet-design--roll--hill---rudismall2

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Done in 2009, Hideto Yagi creates amazing patterns with paper and a simple tool; a penknife from Olfa.

3 1 2 4

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A few simple emerald discs elevates your everyday bench. by Chen Chen & Kai Williams.

EAB2 EABDetail_edit

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I never thought vegetables and fruits could look so amazingly alien! See the full set at OFFBEAT.

sprouts garlic onion brocolli starfruit

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Graphonaute creates amazing Animated GIFS that that loops like beautiful dreams should.

hands blob letters pensmoke

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The number one rule is photography is composition, but often when we are fed well-composed images too often, we forget the ‘bigger picture’ that these places belong to. As seen on PolicyMic, sometimes looking wider lets us see a lot more.

The Brandenburg Gate


The Forbidden City




Hollywood Sign


The Pyramids of Giza


St. Basil’s Cathedral 


Taj Mahal


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There are stands aplenty for the iMac but only one that is made from completely extruded aluminium. This means no seams, no screws and no joints. Just one block of aluminium. Get yours at Kickstarter!

ElevationStand-3qtr ElevationStand-qtr-wood ElevationStand-harddrive ElevationStand-Front ElevationStand-Back2

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Which designer would not like to own a set of matt black cutlery inspired by mid 20th Century Scandinavian flatware? Get yours at Canvas!


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Trippy and slightly nausea inducing. You have been warned! Sparkles and Wine by Nacho Guzman.

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Designed and hand-made by Aric Snee, this is one transparent iPhone amplifier that is begging for attention.

s970013993512226850_p4_i6_w2560 rqn3hvv5hqabiyaao9hw ewtxez3fio9v0y3zuz4o dje4si3gq364loxmr1q3

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A collection of deliberately inconvenient objects, by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani.

tumblr_mwfdslwijk1qad4foo1_1280 tumblr_mwfe245fMB1qad4foo1_1280 tumblr_mwfdiqwNIH1qad4foo1_1280tumblr_mwfdk9LkyD1qad4foo1_1280 tumblr_mwfdm9G38I1qad4foo1_1280

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I am not entirely convinced making fun of your product is the best way to sell it, but I can imagine some Executive sitting in his cubicle thinking to himself that this is exactly what his boss wants. Which then means it works. I guess.

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My two favourite worlds just collided in an orgasmic licensing deal. The Simpsons and Lego. ‘Nuff said.

ukvod8tn38s8lhdxwnd8 cpmafpdugu7e36ferfh9 uotfhkns2bikau9pllbp g2xnbeauy4vfa7rbmsqb bex3w6jbdo0suvzrzvss zbo8sxh7mvmoifjuj0tf apo5yobnlofmz510medl lzc2shkvaqeefpplcekg xufxnl5k4hlemi9fenio ap9rhe75r1hykqnnxwnz mpp42jtfmdivmgt8mgx4 rj9a8nsi980nrpiolbrt tmjdusmc1vv3o5aygfjy etsqqauer6pqgsk4r3b1 gtwcx1lbxuixiehemito fp3waeibigsahjwpvqwk

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Resembling a movie ghost under sheets, Spanish artist Javier Perez’s Virgo Mater is eerily realistic, where one could just about make out a shadow of a pregnant woman, reaching out under a blanket made out of animal intestines.


works_990_Z_4 works_990_Z

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Japanese artist Hikaru Cho paints over everyday food with acrylic paints, disguising them as something else. The beauty is when you cut them open, revealing their true nature. And gasp.

tumblr_mo34t8yL8l1ro51udo1_1280 tumblr_mo34t8yL8l1ro51udo2_1280 tumblr_mo1bnpRL901ro51udo1_1280 tumblr_mo1bnpRL901ro51udo2_1280 tumblr_mo51myFXXU1ro51udo1_1280 tumblr_mo51myFXXU1ro51udo2_1280

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Pareidolia, or the condition where Humans are trained to look for faces even in the most unlikely situations affects each and everyone of us. When French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy deliberately obscures faces in his images, behind cigarette smoke or fogged up mirrors, it leaves us desperately wanting more. Pair that with slightly ajar doors and all I am asking is Who, What, Why?

jpeg-8 jpeg-5 jpeg-6 jpeg-9 jpeg-7 jpeg-2 jpeg-12 jpeg-1 jpeg-10 jpeg-11 jpeg-3 jpeg-13

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